VINTAGE SNARE DRUMS(sam collection)


EARLY 30'S LEEDY RELIANCE BLACK PLATED BRASS SHELL, 1927 LEEDY BLACK ELITE 6.5X14(obviously most of the black plating has worn to the brass making it hard to see the engraving. Completely original though, a mighty fine drum). LATE 30'S LEEDY 6.5X14 NICKEL OVER BRASS WITH BEAVER TAIL LUG CASINGS(I've never seen another one of these, completly original and great sounding drum). CENTER ROW, EARLY TEENS LUDWIG &LUDWIG 4X14(very rare), 1939 LUDWIG&LUDWIG 6.5X14 CHROME BRASS SHELL(modified), 1938 LUDWIG&LUDWIG 6.5X14 NICKEL BRASS(completely original). SLINGERLAND 5.5X14 CAPRI PEARL, 1930' S SLINGERLAND 8X14 AMERICAN LEGION MODEL